The Clairvoyant – Is it me or is it…@#*$^%!

July 18, 2009 at 3:10 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , )

You may recall in my “Saucy Jack” post, I put up a poll so my readers could help choose the next song I’d tackle. While not many people bothered to vote, the results were overwhelmingly in favor of Iron Maiden’s “The Clairvoyant”. Ah, Iron Maiden, how your pack of DLC surprised me by actually being fun to sing! I was more familiar with this song than I had been with the Spinal Tap track, and had already posted a 98% solo score on SH (that be ScoreHero – there’s a link to my info there in the sidebar if you wanna look), so I thought that I’d be walking away with my FC after a couple of restarts. Boy oh boy, was I in for a rude awakening!

I fired up solo mode and did my baseline run. I finished with a -2, earning an Okay rating on the song’s 2nd phrase, and a Strong on the 7th. “Alrighty,” I thought, “nothing really tricky here, let’s restart and knock this thing out.” I would quickly discover that the song had other plans for me indeed!

So, 2nd try…the intro played while I mentally twiddled my thumbs. The first vocal phrases finally appeared onscreen, I started singing…then stopped again almost immediately because phrase 2 had tripped me up yet again! Ok, time to restart and give it a 3rd go, which ended pretty much exactly where my 2nd attempt did – @#*$^% phrase 2! It was small comfort that I’d missed it with a Strong this time instead of an Okay. Time to start over…

4th time around, a friend who was observing suggested I run through the entire song again, even if I missed some phrases. By some miracle, I managed to get past the first verse with my multiplier intact, but got tripped up by phrase 2’s evil 2nd verse doppelganger, phrase 8. Gah!

Its probably fair to say that this was the point where sitting through the song’s one-minute instrumental intro each time REALLY started getting on my nerves. Since I’d gone back to restarting the track as soon as I flubbed anything, I ended up spending way more time listening to that intro than actually singing over the next 9 failed attempts. That’s right, I said NINE failed attempts! *bangs head on wall*

And then, just when I thought all hope was gone, on my 14th try I finally managed to achieve my goal! My final score only earned me a 10th place ranking on ScoreHero, but that didn’t diminish my happiness at FCing the song one iota! After 14 runs and 33 minutes, 13 seconds, I had emerged victorious! Wooooo!

Here’s the video of my final run. I can’t even tell you how sick I got of looking at this cowpoke venue and the big-hair default rockers the game put in as my backing bandmates! Enjoy!


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