That #*%$ Happens To Me All The Tiiiiiiiiiiiime!

July 19, 2009 at 4:34 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , )

3 days into this undertaking and I’m already having time-management issues, eep! I had a late-night performance on Friday, which kept me from writing my post on “The Clairvoyant” until mid-afternoon Saturday (when I finally woke up). I also had plans to see my friends’ band play Saturday night (Wulfgrenade, they melted our faces, check them out!), so I knew I had to get the day’s FC under my belt before I headed out. Needless to say, there was no time to solicit reader input on my next song choice! What I needed was something short and lacking in long drawn out instrumental intros. *shoots dirty look at “The Clairvoyant”*

Then I realized I had a perfect candidate from the RB2 base game setlist just begging to be FC’d. Tenacious D’s “Master Exploder”! While I’d probably sung this track over 100 times in both band & solo mode, I’d never managed to get 100% on it. Initially, I had huge problems with the first 2 phrases of the song, but could breeze through the rest with no issues. Lately, I’d been able to consistently get an Awesome rating on the first phrase, but kept flubbing the 2nd one by either running out of breath or failing to lock onto the pitch line as it climbed into the falsetto portion of my vocal range. I thought that once I figured out how to get full credit for that phrase, I’d be home free…

Surprisingly, on my first attempt, I actually sailed through what I thought was my main trouble spot, but got tripped up on a couple of later phrases instead – the 5th & 18th to be precise. Apologies for the crap screenshot too, late afternoon is a horrible time for me to take gameplay videos because of the glare on the TV from my living room windows (and yes, the blinds were closed!).

On my 2nd try, I held true to my now-traditional pattern on this song by flubbing phrase 2. No point in continuing after that, so I hit restart and gave it another go.

3rd try, and I REALLY thought I had it down this time, but it was not to be! Everything went swimmingly until the song’s final phrase, which I just missed by a hair with a Strong rating. Can you say CHOKE?!

At this point, I took a 5 minute break to hang something over the window and try to cut down the glare on my TV. The results weren’t perfect, but at least it was an improvement! After that minor bit of MacGuyver-esque redecorating, I stepped back in front of the mic…and proceeded to mess up the song’s 2nd phrase another FOUR times, with ratings ranging from Strong to Messy (ick!). The only upside was not having a long wait between the start of the song and my choke point!

In this case, the 8th time was apparently the charm, as I squeaked and warbled my way to a very tenuous yet happily acceptable FC! While my new top score only earned me 172nd place on ScoreHero for the song itself (828 points behind the highest score entered), it was enough of an improvement over my previously entered score to bump me up to 117th place overall! Schweeeeeeet!

So here, without further ado, is the video of my FC run. For your own (mental) safety, I recommend turning the volume waaaaay down on this one!



  1. hendrix99 said,

    do one of these:
    headphones on
    smooth criminal

    • deadlystingnyc said,

      Oh you and your Headphones On obsession, hendrix! I guess Smooth Criminal can go on the list for sometime in the next week though…

  2. hendrix99 said,

    i cant help it i <3 iCarly lol jk

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