21 Guns Gives Up The Fight (a little too easily, perhaps?)

July 20, 2009 at 4:28 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , )

In the world of Rock Band songs that are difficult to FC, Green Day’s “21 Guns” probably ranks somewhere very close to the bottom of the list (for me anyway). How did I come to pick this particular track then, you ask? In a nutshell, a buddy of mine tweeted about getting bumped out of the top vox spot on ScoreHero for this song while I was pondering my daily selection, and suggested I take a shot at bringing down his successor. Thanks for the vote of confidence, A7force!

So, I launched Rock Band 2, went into BQP (that’s Band Quickplay mode for the uninitiated) and got my vocalist ZenJen on deck. I never use Solo Quickplay because then I’d be stuck playing as one of the default RB characters. No offense to Harmonix, but I’m not gonna settle for a stock avatar after spending hours customizing my character – not to mention the marathon Bladder of Steel ESL2 session I sat through to earn her shiny platinum vox icon! For a minute or two, I actually thought I might FC this one on my first run…but then I missed one phrase about 2/3 of the way through with a Strong rating. D’oh! OK, time for take 2…

Success! Well, sort of – my first FC score was 336 points shy of the highest one on SH. Looks like it was time to work on some squeezing! Also, my TV screen started spazzing out during this attempt. I don’t know if its because my set is older and uses a DVI connection instead of HDMI, but for whatever reason the video feed from my Xbox will occasionally flash and stutter during gameplay. Not so bad when I’m on vocals, but deadly to anyone playing guitar/bass/drums, as you can probably imagine. The only solution I’ve found is to quit the game and toggle my Xbox’s display settings from 1080i to 720p and back again. I quit to the Dashboard from the New Song/Replay/Exit screen after this run to deal with the settings nonsense, only to discover upon re-entering the game that my score from the FC hadn’t been saved! Oops! The pressure was really on now to not only get 100% again, but to improve my score as well!

While my 3rd try didn’t earn me 1st place, it was almost 300 points higher than my previous FC score, putting me squarely in the #2 spot. I was still 40 points shy of 1st, but had bested my buddy’s top score by 84 points (sorry A7force!). Further attempts to improve my squeezes proved futile, so after a couple more runs, I decided to spare my UstreamTV viewers from further repetitions & walk away happy with my 2nd place score. Hey, its still an FC, am I right or am I right?

As usual, here’s the video of my highest-scoring run. I’m so happy that re-starting the game to fix the display glitching at least got me out of that same cowpoke venue I was trapped in for “The Clairvoyant”!

P.S. I can’t shake this nagging deja vu feeling I get every time I sing this song that its reminiscent of a Beatles track, but for the life of me I can’t figure out which one! So annoying! Anyone wanna chime in and tell me which tune I might be remembering? Please?


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