Breeeeeeeeeeathe Through the Freeeeezing of my Game…

July 24, 2009 at 7:35 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , )

Ah, Evanescence! I will admit that I never listened to the songs in this pack before I bought them for Rock Band 2. I wouldn’t have purchased the pack at all if my fellow PMS Clan members hadn’t picked “Call Me When You’re Sober” to play at Almost Famous Tuesdays Rock Band Night a few weeks back when they were visiting NYC (I’m on guitar in the vid BTW, NOT my strongest instrument – especially when drunk & in heels!).

Once I had the songs, I found I really enjoyed singing them, but I’d only managed to 100% “Call Me When You’re Sober” by the time I started this blog. I threw “Bring Me To Life” into the poll choices on a whim, and it immediately proved to be a popular choice amongst my readers. I was fairly confident that I could FC the song within 2-3 tries, so I waited until 11pm to start my initial attempt. I wasn’t wrong in my prediction, but life still found a way to make things interesting…

After pulling up the optimal path info and hitting record on my video feed, I started up the song for my first run of the night. Just as the very first vocal phrase appeared on the screen, my dog heard something in the hallway & ran to the front door so he could bark at whatever it was like the hyperactive spaz he is. His barking didn’t distract me enough to miss a phrase, but I restarted anyway. I didn’t want to risk FCing the song on my first try, only to have his barking ruin the video of it!

I surprised myself a little by getting 100% on my first full attempt of the night. I feel like I’m still all over the place on the first of the low-pitched phrases in the middle of the song, but apparently the game thinks I’m close enough to warrant an Awesome rating, hmmm. I do know for sure that I missed the second activation point for optimal pathing, leaving me with a less than stellar final score. Since the song itself was so easy to FC, I figured why not give it another go and try to get the path right?

And that’s exactly what I did! It wasn’t a huge jump in score from what I’d accomplished with the wrong overdrive path, but at least it was an improvement! Even better, while I was singing the song this time, my game froze up for a few seconds just before the 15th phrase (“Breathe into me and…”)! Fortunately the glitch didn’t ruin my streak, and you get to see it in all its (slightly wonky) glory on the video of my FC! Yaaaaaaaaay!



  1. OnefromNV said,


    • deadlystingnyc said,

      Heh, yeah, I guess you did! I really didn’t think I’d get it first go though!

  2. ksuhr said,

    I just downloaded this song and love singing it, though I haven’t quite hit 100% yet (I got 99% last time, strong on 1 or 2 phrases, argh!) I do enjoy reading your blog, and it’s been getting me to play a bit more often. :)

    Is there a place to find out what the optimal pathing for a song is? Also, in a few of your posts, you mention that certain phrases throw you. How do you find out the phrase number?

    • deadlystingnyc said,

      For optimal pathing info, I generally go to ScoreHero. When I’m logged into my Manage Scores page there’s an icon next to each song in the list that links to a wiki page for the track, which contains pathing info as well as a link to the pitch chart. Sometimes there isn’t a path entered in the wiki for some newer DLC, and in that case I check this ScoreHero forum thread: If there isn’t path info for a track there, I just shrug and do without.

      As for getting the numbers of phrases, I usually have to sit with the video I record of my FC attempts to watch for non-Awesomeness then go to the vocal chart and count the phrases to find the # of the one I missed. If there’s no vox chart on the wiki, I just have to count phrases as they pass on the video.

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog & that its inspiring you to play more, keep at it & you’ll FC “Bring Me To Life” in no time! :-)

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