Flying Through my FC on a…Sin Wagon!

July 27, 2009 at 3:50 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , )

Ah summer Sundays…warm weather, freak torrential downpours, and things to do that keep people away from their computer screens! I spent the better part of the afternoon helping my buddy shuttle his worldly belongings from his old apartment to a new one, and afterwards we both headed back to my place to chill and play some RB. On the drive home I decided to get my FC run out of the way first thing so we could enjoy our BQP session without distraction or time constraints. Despite my best efforts to entice people to vote in the day’s song selection poll, I was faced with yet another tie between two songs: Dixie Chicks’ “Sin Wagon” and Styx’s “Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)”. To save me from a coin-flip scenario, my friend cast his vote for “Sin Wagon”. I’m sure he chose that one because it’s the shorter of the two and he wanted me to FC something quickly so we could get into BQP sooner. Ah greed, what a wonderful motivator!

Now, a few days back when one of my visitors first wrote “Sin Wagon” in as an “other” choice on the poll, I decided to run through it a couple of times just to get my bearings with the lyrics. When I got a 99% on the 2nd try I stopped so I wouldn’t accidentally FC it and disqualify it from being an option for a future blog post. Good thing I did too, because on my 1st run of the song last night, I scored 100%! But oops, I screwed up my path, activating overdrive the first time one window too early! I figured one more run for optimal pathing purposes couldn’t hurt…

My final score after FCing “Sin Wagon” a 2nd time wasn’t a massive improvement over my mispathed total, but it still bumped me up the ScoreHero rankings for this track another 3 places! Not bad for a song I still barely know the words to – a fact that’s amusingly obvious when you hear me mumbling through several phrases in the video I posted of this FC on YouTube. Go ahead, watch and laugh, doesn’t bother me cause I still got my 100%, so there!

Now, go vote for tonight’s song! I even moved the poll up on the sidebar to make things easier for ya, so no excuses!


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