DOA – I Did It, It’s Over & I Feel Fine!

August 6, 2009 at 3:24 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , )

One of the consequences of staying out partying until 4:30am is that you forget to take care of the little things before passing out after arriving home. Like, say, posting a new song selection poll…oops! No worries though, I’m completely capable of picking a song to FC without audience input! At least this way I wouldn’t get stuck grinding a song I hate over and over again until frustration makes me want to throw the mic at my TV. After all, there are plenty of songs that I really like singing but haven’t managed to FC before…in fact, there are a ton of songs that I’ve been avoiding lately because I don’t want to “accidentally” score 100% and disqualify them from consideration for future blog articles! Oddly enough though, Foo Fighters’ “DOA” wasn’t one of these. I adore singing this song – partly because Dave Grohl’s voice is smack-dab in the sweet spot of my range where I can belt to my heart’s content – but had always mucked up one phrase or another somewhere along the line. I never thought I’d just FC it without at least a little extra invested effort. For the purposes of the blog though (especially considering my voice was still a bit raspy) it was a perfect choice!

So, first things first…I loaded up ScoreHero and located “DOA” in my Manage Scores screen. My previous best score of 209,397 (96%) stared me in the face, just begging to be improved upon. I clicked the little green circle next to the song’s name to bring up the optimal path info from ScoreHero Wiki. So far, so good. Then, just before getting started, I realized that the Wiki page listed 166,912 as the top score entered by anyone for the track. Hmm, something was not kosher here! Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the Wiki page was actually for The Haunted’s “D.O.A.” instead of Foo Fighters’ “DOA”. Oooooook. I went back to my Manage Scores page, located The Haunted’s “D.O.A.” and clicked on the Wiki link next to it, figuring that maybe the links had gotten swapped somehow. But no, that put me right back on the Wiki page for “D.O.A” as well! Looks like someone at ScoreHero Wiki made a boo-boo (which I hope gets fixed soon)! Oh well. Fortunately, I have a backup plan for situations like this, and loaded up the RB2 Vox DLC Paths Thread on the ScoreHero forums instead. With optimal pathing information in hand, I was finally ready to get started…

And just like that, I was finished! It took exactly ONE try for me to FC this track, woohoo! Sure, my score ended up being 1,356 points below Billtvshow’s top-ranking entry, but 17th place out of 48 entries isn’t too shabby as far as I’m concerned! Since this was my first run at the song, I was even able to get the game’s venue-centric establishing shots into the final video cut! Too bad ZenJen was yet again playing the state-fair-esque tent venue she was trapped in for “The Clairvoyant”. So tired of the cow decor there – that girl seriously needs a new booking agent, like, for reals!


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  1. H2O Trogdor said,

    Hey there! I finally clicked and read an entry… xD

    Looks like I have some serious catching up to do! Keep holdin’ it down, and best of luck with the rest of your project! :D

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