Have You Ever Felt So Used Up As This?

August 8, 2009 at 6:37 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , )

After 3 weeks or so of doing this blog, I’m finding it useful – if not vital – to give myself a little breathing room between the really challenging songs. I woke up after yesterday’s two hour marathon “This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” FC session (super early so that I could unhook the old TV before the new one arrived) exhausted, aching & barely able to croak out a coherent sentence, let alone sing anything! Every part of me needed rest, but even after my TV arrived and I got it set up I found that I couldn’t even catch a short nap! I compromised by spending most of the day curled up on the sofa and avoiding speaking whenever possible (not really hard when you live alone). When my friend stopped by in the evening, I even let them be the first to play Rock Band on the new set! Oh, sacrifices! With the day’s song selection completely up to my own whim, I decided to give myself a really really easy time and put up a score for Hole’s “Celebrity Skin”. Sure, it wasn’t going to be any kind of challenge, but at least my voice’s huskiness would sound appropriate! Besides, I deserved a break, didn’t I?

Thinking that it was probable I’d get 100% on this one my first time through, I pulled up the optimal path info and got started. But eep, I missed my 2nd OD activation window! I debated whether I should just restart or continue, and decided to finish the song anyway. It turned out that my internal dialogue (and annoyance at seeing so many closely packed phrases go by with no opportunity to activate overdrive) disrupted my focus & I missed the song’s 25th phrase anyway. Oops! Well, kinda. I was actually happy to mess up on a phrase, since I’d already screwed my path…it gave me a “real” reason to go through the song again!

I ended up singing “Celebrity Skin” another 2 times, though honestly I could have stopped after the 2nd try. I’d FC’d it – with the correct path even – but my score seemed rather low and I figured I might as well have one more go at it, in pursuit of a more respectable showing. It’s not as if there’s anything in Courtney Love’s range that would hurt my voice, after all! I didn’t improve my score too much on the 3rd run (only 368 points higher), but I figured it was still good enough to call it a day. Besides, I’d managed to get 27th place for the song…not too shabby considering my continued croakiness and the fact that 75 people have entered scores for it on ScoreHero! Yay me!

Special note about today’s video! This constitutes my first FC recorded off the new TV set! I was actually really worried when I looked at the footage on my laptop. The camera (or perhaps my laptop’s monitor) seemed to have issues dealing with the set’s refresh rate, resulting in parts of the image being broken up into thin horizontal lines! Perhaps the worst part, the scrolling lyrics were impossible to read because of the lines obscuring them, argh! I feared what this footage would look like after YouTube completed its own processing, but I had no choice but to upload the video and hope it wasn’t unwatchable. Much to my surprise (and relief) YouTube’s encoding appeared to strip away pretty much all the frames that caused the artifacting, making it practically nonexistant in the clip I watched online! *MAJOR HAPPY DANCE*


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