Jeremy Spoke In Class Todaaaaaaaaaay

August 20, 2009 at 1:10 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , )

Had a late PMS/H2O clan practice last night, so afterwards I decided to FC something that wouldn’t strain my already worn-out vocal cords too much. Figured I’d do some Pearl Jam – gotta love Vedder when my voice is nearly shot – and narrowed it down to “Even Flow”, “Jeremy” and “Once”. I looked up paths while asking my stream viewers to chime in with preferences on which to tackle, and removed “Once” from contention because the path contained a finesse reverse squeeze I didn’t want to bother with. It was down to “Even Flow” & “Jeremy” at that point, basically “Jeremy” won out because I’d already sung “Even Flow” earlier in the night. Ah, variety, what spice you lend to life!

Ended up singing the song twice in all, which took about 12 minutes. I FC’d it the first go, but had some trouble activating my overdrive in the appropriate places. Score for mispathed FC: 285,112. My second run earned me 286,116 – a gain of 1,004 points over my first attempt – and 20th place on ScoreHero. Not too bad for less than a quarter-hour’s worth of effort, IMO!


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