Clock Is Ticking While I’m Killing Time

August 24, 2009 at 3:29 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , )

I’m gonna come right out and say it: I hate singing Lacuna Coil songs. No, I don’t think hate is a strong enough word. Loathe, that’s more like it! I LOATHE singing Lacuna Coil songs. I know, you’re all saying, “Blasphemy! How can a chick hate Lacuna Coil?” Well, I guess I’m just the exception that proves the rule, or some such nonsense. I have both of the band’s available DLC tracks – downloaded for free via the Pepsi promotion at my friends’ insistence (peer pressure FTL!) – but have barely played them. Not much of a shocker, considering “Our Truth” was one of the toughest on-disc tracks for me to even gold star, bleh! Thing is, when you’re looking to raise your ranking on ScoreHero, it’s all about the base game, and eventually you’ve gotta take on the songs you despise the most if you wanna stay in the game. I figured now was as good a time as any to show ol’ Lacuna Coil what I’m made of. After all, can’t be letting some Italian band get the best of me! No way no how!

Going into this session, I was already well aware of what I’d be struggling with: the 8 “Oh ah oh ah” phrases that open and close the song – what I like to call “the warbles”. These sections have been the bane of my existence from the very first time I sang “Our Truth”, with their rapid pitch shifts and complete lack of breathing room between phrases. Ugh! Oh well, nothing to do but get to it and hope for the best…it’s not like the song’s gonna FC itself, right?

Prep: Pulled up ScoreHero Wiki page. Wiki path: 3/sk1, 3/. Also checked ScoreHero RB2 On-Disc vox path thread for possible alternate paths midway through session. Thread paths: 3/sk1-FRS, 3/AT -or- 3/sk1-AS, 2/AT

1st Try: Flubbed all 8 warble phrases (1-4, 27-30 “Oh ah oh ah”). Ewwwwww! Stats: 95%, 5*, 22 NS, 122,333

2nd Try: Weak on #18 (“Feeling like we’re fly”), Okay on #23 (“Trying to forget”), Strong on #27 & #30. Stats: 97%, 5*, 17 NS, 119,765

3rd-5th/8th/9th Try: Missed one or more of the song’s first 4 phrases. Experimented with singing high & low to hit pitch, found higher octave more reliable. Restarted after 4th phrase each time.

6th Try: Strong on #27. Stats: 99%, GS, 26 NS, 143,514

7th/11th/12th Try: Missed one or more of the song’s last 4 phrases. Damn those warbles! Restarted.

10th Try: FC’d using the 3/sk1-FRS, 3/AT path. Noticed this path is functionally identical to the 3/sk1, 3/ Wiki path I was actually attempting. Was underwhelmed by my final score, decided to keep going in search of more points. Stats: 100%, GS, 30 NS, 149,750

13th Try: FC’d using the 3/sk1-AS, 2/AT path. Getting the activation squeeze was a complete accident, albeit a happy one, since it gained me another 2,620 points! Another horrible nasty base game song conquered, only 5 more to go! Stats: 100%, GS, 30 NS, 152,370. 145th place on ScoreHero, 740 points below 1st. Total session time: 37:23.

Hope my consolidation of tries with similar outcomes didn’t get too confusing for y’all to decipher! As for the video of this FC, I apologize in advance for any pain you may suffer while watching/listening. I had such a rough time scoring Awesomes on those dreaded “Oh ah oh ah” phrases…it was quite beyond my abilities to sound better than a dying cat while doing so! But hey, getting 100% on “Our Truth” boosted me to 110th place overall on ScoreHero (my highest rank to date!) so who gives a rat’s ass what I sound like? Not me, that’s for sure!



  1. Goldskarr said,

    HA! I just KNEW you could do this!

  2. RedIon1992 said,

    Yeah, this is definitely NOT the easiest song to sing.

    And we all have our own personal hates. One of mine? Panic Attack. I’m able to do expert drums on the lower half of tiers, but that one? I can’t pass the intro on HARD.

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