Got To Be Good Looking Cause He’s So Hard To See

September 13, 2009 at 9:05 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , , , )

I’m sure I’ll get around to FCing some more of the earlier (and later) Beatles tracks soon, but right now I’m having too much fun doing the Abbey Road studio songs with their psychedelic dreamscape imagery. Somehow, the concert visuals just aren’t as compelling to me, though they are still gorgeous and wonderful in their own way – especially when it comes to historical accuracy of the band’s changing appearance over the years. One thing is for sure, George Harrison didn’t start growing into his looks until he grew his hair out over his ears! Oh, and speaking of George, I’m pretty sure I noticed him sporting a pair of Converse All-Stars during “Come Together”, which I picked for my 4th TB:RB FC for the blog. Be sure to watch the video when you finish reading and see if you agree!

I started the session in my usual way, doing a baseline run and figuring out what was most likely to trip me up. It didn’t take long to determine that 2 particular words were keeping me FC-free: the “come” at the tail end of the long string of  “Heh heh heh…” talkies, and the first pitch-charted “yeah” during the song’s outro. I restarted the song several times, trying to figure out what the game wanted of me on these words, when I realized this was a job for *insert fanfare* TB:RB’s incredibly useful vocal practice mode!

While in practice mode, I was able to concentrate my efforts specifically on the sections of the song that were giving me trouble. I found it most useful to start out with the guide pitch option on, making it much easier to hear what notes the game wanted me to hit. After hitting 100% on a section a couple of times in a row, I’d do a few repetitions without the guide pitch to make sure I’d still be able to hit the right notes without that crutch. Once I was satisfied that those two troublesome words wouldn’t be an obstacle anymore, I continued my quest for a 100% score in Quickplay. It didn’t take me long to succeed in FCing “Come Together” after my sojourn in training-land, though I’ll admit I didn’t stop until my 5th 100% run, good for 2nd place when I got entered the score in ScoreHero. Like all my other TB:RB FCs though, another player entered a higher score before I had time to pen this post, and now I’m loitering in the 3rd place slot. I really have to start writing my articles right after I finish my FCs, don’t I? Boogers!

The Beatles: Rock Band Solo Vocal paths thread on ScoreHero. Optimal path: 2/sk4, 3/sk6, 3/ (by internetguy87)


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