Well Shake It Shake It Shake It Baby Now!

September 17, 2009 at 9:15 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Once I broke my streak of selecting TB:RB songs set at Abbey Road Studios for my blog FCs, I figured I might as well do a song from each concert venue before revisiting places I’d already covered. Budokan was already out of the way since I did  “Taxman” for my very first TB:RB offering, and my “A Hard Day’s Night” FC took care of my obligation to The Ed Sullivan Theater. Thus I needed to choose a song from either The Cavern Club, Shea Stadium, or the legendary Rooftop Concert. Figuring that there was no better plan than to begin at the beginning, I opted to do “Twist And Shout”, the very first song on The Cavern Club’s setlist, and the first song my friends and I played in TB:RB when I first got the game! Yay for week-old nostalgia!

I worked on “Twist And Shout” for a little over half an hour, 15 minutes of which was spent trying to improve upon the score achieved during the FC run shown in my YouTube video. Try as I might though, I just couldn’t figure how to squeeze more than 760 points out of my first Beatlemania activation…and I only managed that feat once during my entire session! Usually I would end up with 656 extra points gained, if not less, and I was never able to squeeze even a single point out of the optimal path’s 2nd and 3rd Beatlemania activations. Gah! Normally, I would have kept at it until I got a higher score or spent at least an hour attempting to do so, but with my new job-related self-imposed curfew looming over me, there simply wasn’t time. Oh well! At least my best score still landed me at 9th place (now 10th), which in reality is actually the 3rd highest score entered for “Twist And Shout” on ScoreHero, since 8 people are tied for 2nd! So all I have to say is: Woooo for pseudo-3rd place! Now go watch the video and don’t forget to SHAKE IT UP BABY!!!

The Beatles: Rock Band Solo Vocal paths thread on ScoreHero. Optimal path: 2/sk1, 2/, 3/BBM (by SuperJerry)


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