I Think I’m Gonna Be Sad, I Think It’s Today…

September 18, 2009 at 8:51 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Another long day at work = another night crammed too full of RB-related commitments! Once I got home, I had a little under 2 hours to write my article for the previous evening’s FC, eat, and prepare for the very first PMS/H2O Vox Duel practice! Eek! While two hours sounds like a good amount of time, my inherent writer’s block always makes time fly by with astounding speed. I was right to be worried about running out of time too, since after publishing my post I had less than half an hour to scarf down dinner! I’d already decided to sing “Ticket To Ride” for my Shea Stadium-based FC after practice, figuring that it would be fairly easy and the real challenge would be determining which of the conflicting “optimal” paths I found was the correct one. I was still concerned, however, with starting my FC session after midnight, so I arranged to bow out of practice after an hour, do my FC, and rejoin the other duelers if they were still at it when I finished.

So, at 11pm, I loaded up TB:RB and got to work on “Ticket To Ride”, and immediately discovered that I had IMMENSE problems getting full credit for the “My baby don’t care” phrases during the song’s outro. After these phrases stymied my attempts to score 100% for about 15 minutes, I went into practice mode and worked on them there. It didn’t take me too long to consistently score 100% on the outro in this mode, so I exited back to Quickplay and resumed my FC efforts, planning first to try wildbillkickoff’s 2/BBM, 4/sk3 Beatlemania path, then compare the resulting score with WhYYZ’s suggestion of 2/BBM, 2/sk1, 3/. Piece of cake, right?

WRONG! It took me an additional 34 minutes just to get my very first FC of “Ticket To Ride”! Using the 2/BBM, 4/sk3 path, my score was around 8000 points short of the top ranked players on ScoreHero. Hmm, guess that wasn’t the right one, was it? Ten minutes later, I’d managed to score 100% on the song again, this time using the 2/BBM, 2/sk1, 3/ path. My score was an improvement over the first FC, but was still almost 4000 below the ScoreHero leaders. In the end, it took me just over one hour (after leaving practice mode, that is) to FC the song with a respectable score, using a path of my own devising: 2/BBM, 4/sk2. At the time, my final score earned me 3rd place in the ScoreHero rankings for “Ticket To Ride”, as I write this, I’m down to 5th. Dang people and their ability to play & enter scores while I’m at work! Still, 5th isn’t bad for using a path I had to make up myself! Yay me!

P.S. Favorite part of the Shea Stadium venue visuals: the HUGE sign in lights behind the band warning audience members to stay in their seats until the end of the concert for their own safety…Beatlemania indeed!


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