She’s So Glad She’s Telling All The World

September 23, 2009 at 8:44 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Had a fantastic time at The Village Pourhouse last night with waaaay too many Rock Band luminaries to mention! After rocking the vox on “Sunday Morning” and “Once” at the bar, my voice was totally shot by the time I got home and prepared to do my daily FC. Torn between “Revolution” and “I Feel Fine”, I sang through each track once in practice mode to see which would be easier to tackle with my compromised abilities. I flailed badly on “Revolution”‘s outro phrases, so “I Feel Fine” won the honor of being the evening’s selection by default.

Even though “I Feel Fine” was certainly easier for me to sing than “Revolution”, I still had considerable issues FCing the song with a decent score. Using internetguy87’s 2/, 3/ path, I actually hit 100% of the song’s phrases on my second run, but my score would only have been good for 16th place on ScoreHero. Any of my regular readers would know that that just wasn’t good enough, especially not for TB:RB songs! It took me 37 minutes (33 minutes after my initial FC) just to finish the song with a higher score – advancing me to 13th place on the leaderboards. I (obviously) still wasn’t satisfied with my showing, so I gave “I Feel Fine” a few more tries, but by this point I was messing up random phrases on each attempt, and it became clear that pushing my increasingly hoarse voice further would be a pointless exercise in futility. Oh wells! Sometimes you have to know when you’re beat, and bow out gracefully, ya know? Besides, 13th place isn’t too terrible…is it? IS IT?!


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