Ooh I Need Your Love Babe, Guess You Know It’s True

October 1, 2009 at 8:31 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Since it took me just about as long to write yesterday’s “Dig A Pony” post as it did for me to FC the song with a respectable score, I really didn’t have much time at my disposal to work on “Eight Days A Week”. While doing my normal pre-session reconnaissance in the SH forums to check whether any new paths had been submitted for the track, I noticed the Vocal Squeezing thread for the very first time. The squeeze data it contained for “Eight Days A Week” clearly used fcphantom’s 2/, 2/sk2, 3/ path, and it was obvious that any extra points I might earn would come as the 2nd Beatlemania activation ended. Very very VERY useful to know! On my very first run, I FC’d the song, but only squeezed 1,068 points from that 2nd activation, leaving me with a score that would have qualified for 14th place. I knew I could improve upon that showing, so I hit replay and tried again. Lo and behold, on my 3rd try I gained a whopping 1,360 extra points from that second activation, finishing the track with a 2nd place score! I was pretty happy with that one, but kept trying to improve upon it – without success – for another 25 minutes before calling it a night. In the end, I happily took 2nd place…just 20 points behind RJUCPU, woohoo!

BTW, favorite new detail I noticed in the background during this visit to the Shea Stadium venue: the sign behind the stage informing concertgoers that, “Throwing of objects is prohibited”. Wonder what objects they were worried about being thrown? Hmmmmmmm…



  1. RedIon1992 said,

    what about the huge scoreboard asking patrons to “remain in their seats for their own safety”? not like anyone read that one… :P

    • deadlystingnyc said,

      Actually, I think I mentioned that sign in an earlier Shea Stadium-based FC post, possibly the one for “Ticket To Ride”? :-D

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