You Say Stop, And I Say Go Go Go!

October 6, 2009 at 7:45 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Don’t have a lot of time to write my post tonight because I’m heading out to VPH soon where we’re celebrating a year of Almost Famous Rock Band Tuesdays! YAAAAAY!!! (imagine me doing some crazy-waving-Kermit-the-Frog arms when reading that) Anyways…

Iggy-Sparks had just submitted a new path (2/sk4, 2/, 3/, EwBM) for “Hello Goodbye” earlier in the day, and I was determined to gather some useful squeezing data during my session to share with the community. In a nutshell, this song was REDONKULOUSLY difficult for me to FC! The entire thing is basically one extended choke point for me, which was completely unexpected! I spent almost 2 and a half hours working this track (not including 2 – count ’em – TWO extended forays into practice mode), and still only managed 2 100% runs the entire time! My 2nd FC of “Hello Goodbye” earned me 3rd place on ScoreHero, but score-wise I was still woefully behind both Iggy-Sparks in 2nd and RJUCPU in 1st. I managed some nice squeezes on all 3 activations over the course of my many attempts, but efforts to improve my high score were always thwarted by either a missed phrase/activation or simply a poor squeeze later in the song. Dagnammit! Even more frustrating, when I returned to working on the song after a dinner break, the game started mocking me by calling out the “take” number EVERY time up to the 13th restart! Nothing like kicking a gal when she’s down, right?

Squeezing info:
(Actual FC)
2/sk4 (+1836), 2/ (+2056), 3/ (+2172), EwBM
65836 / 103892 / 178064 => 214064 (-848)*

(Combination of best squeezes during session)
2/sk4 (+1836), 2/ (+2476), 3/ (+2304), EwBM
65836 / 104312 / 178616 => 214064 (-296)*

*points below 1st place on SH for 360


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