I Wanna Be Your Lover Baby…

October 10, 2009 at 8:50 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Let’s just say this about “I Wanna Be Your Man”: I’d REALLY like to know if RJUCPU used the same AI path (submitted by IndestructibleSD) the rest of us peons are using! If he did use the same path, I’d love to find out which activation allowed him to squeeze 68 extra points over the best the rest of us have been able to muster, cause all I know for sure is it wasn’t the 2nd one. Gah! Anyway, I knew most of IWBYM wouldn’t be a problem, but in the past I’d had serious issues with the bits sung during the guitar solo. In light of this, I stopped in the practice studio to eliminate this potential choke point before embarking on my actual FC session. After I figured out how to hit those heretofore troublesome phrases, it took me next to no time (ok ok, it was 9 minutes if you MUST know!) to score 100% on the song in Quickplay, joining the multitude of people in 2nd place on ScoreHero behind RJUCPU. Admittedly, I spent an additional 18 minutes trying to squeeze even a single point out of my activations, without success of course. Once I realized that 194,000 was going to be the best I could do, I spent another 6 minutes getting a cleaner take of the song on video, and called it a night. I could barely believe that I’d finished my entire session before 11:20pm! If I hadn’t stayed up for another 2 hours watching true crime shows, I actually could have gotten a good night’s sleep!

Squeezing info:
AI = 2/ (+0), 3/ (+0), 3/ (+0)
46000 / 110000 / 174000 => 194000 (-68)*

*points below 1st place on SH for 360


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