You Stick Around Now It May Show

October 16, 2009 at 12:01 am (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , , , )

I know I’m REALLY late with this post, but I had company over and didn’t have time to write it before they arrived. Yay for having a social life, boo for having to work under pressure! With “Something”, I truly started the final leg of my journey towards understanding how to work end squeezes. Not that there weren’t plenty of snags to trip me up during this first tentative foray into the dark side of TB:RB vocals…

I really didn’t know which of the songs still awaiting FC-dom to select for the evening’s session, so I played around with a few of them in practice mode to narrow down the field. First, I valiantly attempted to become consistent with hitting the oh-so-difficult “Hee hee” phrase in “Don’t Let Me Down”, but gave up after about a half hour of hit-or-miss results. Next on the block was “Get Back”, where I (again unsuccessfully), endeavored to get Fab ratings by only singing the latter portion of phrases involved in end squeezes according to the song’s optimal path. With the hour growing late and my voice becoming raspier as I continued to push myself, I opted to take on neither of these challenges and instead do “Something”, a song where my only challenge would be a single end squeeze on the first Beatlemania activation when following internetguy87’s 2/sk1-ES, 2/ 2/sk4 path.

After initially failing to pass the troublesome phrase in question unless I filled up a significant portion of the phrase pie before the activation window, I finally bit the bullet and tried Iggy-Sparks’ “shaking leg” vibrato trick as described in this thread on the ScoreHero forums (3rd post down). What worked best for me was standing up (despite the protest of my aching legs) and shaking my leg rapidly while singing the post-activation portion of the end squeeze phrase). I never quite managed to pass the phrase without filling a little of the pie just prior to activation, but on my best run I was able to gain 3,788 points on my end squeeze. It was also quite nerve-wracking to have to wait until the score screen appeared to see if I’d gotten a 99% or 100% Fab for the end squeeze phrase, lemme tell ya! My best score landed me at 3rd place in the ScoreHero rankings, and 4th on XBL – apparently Vicromano20 beat his previous best score but hasn’t updated his entry on ScoreHero. Ah well, still pretty decent, if I do say so myself! At least now I’m not so intimidated by the concept of end squeezes anymore…even if it does mean I’ll be standing up to sing most of the remaining TB:RB tracks. Bah, what happened to vox being the perfect instrument for us lazy people!?

Squeezing info:
(Actual FC)
2/sk1-ES (+6796 [3604 on ES + 3192]), 2/ (+1224), 2/sk4 (+0)
28796/ 54020 / 90020 => 90020 (-644)*

(Combination of best squeezes during session)
2/sk1-ES (+7392 [3604 on ES + 3788]), 2/ (+1464), 2/sk4 (+0)
29392 / 54856 / 90856 => 90856 (+212)*

*points below/above 1st place on SH for 360


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