‘Cause Over And Over Again Me Want More

October 26, 2009 at 7:20 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , )

I confess, when I have to play catch-up with the blog because of real life (or even unreal life, as in the case of my Rocky Horror stuff) getting in the way, I tend to pick songs that, while I haven’t “officially” FC’d them (i.e. no 100% ScoreHero entry), I know they won’t give me any real trouble to sing. Of course, that doesn’t always mean that I’ll finish such sessions quickly, especially now that I’m trying to work on my squeezing skills with every FC! If I didn’t care about squeezing, I’d have been finished with No Doubt’s “Underneath It All” in a mere 15 minutes, instead of the hour+ I actually spent singing the song. Damn my competitive nature!

The reason it even took me 15 minutes to get my first “decent” FC was a simple one: the path in the ScoreHero Wiki is wrong! I foolishly didn’t also check the RB2 DLC vox paths thread, so I was initially trying to follow a path that simply didn’t exist, and all because of one incorrect number in the path notation! The Wiki has Vicromano20’s path down as 3/sk3, 3/, 3/sk1, 2/sk2, while the DLC path thread correctly lists it as 3/sk2, 3/, 3/sk1, 2/sk2. Of course, I didn’t see the correct path in the forum thread until I was totally finished, fortunately I had figured out for myself that the first activation should be sk2 after a couple of truncated attempts (to make sure I wasn’t imagining things). With that straightened out, all that remained was to figure where I could gain as many extra points as possible through squeezing. Oh yays! /sarcasm

So, once I got my first correctly pathed FC of “Underneath It All” down (with a score of 334,156), I kept going, eventually completing another 4 100% runs, all of which were sufficient to earn me 3rd place in the ScoreHero rankings. I never managed to squeeze more than 3,436 points out of the 2nd activation, but had varying results on the other three throughout my session. I’m still not quite sure which activation(s) hides the extra 104 points (calculated from best squeezes among all attempts) I’d still need to tie Billtvshow for 1st place, but after I’d spent over an hour of singing this 71-phrase monster, I was more than content to walk away with my best 3rd place showing of the evening. Hey, I can’t ALWAYS strive for perfection, that way madness lies, and I’m nuts enough as it is!

Squeezing info:
(Actual FC)
3/sk2 (+828), 3/ (+3436), 3/sk1 (+64), 2/sk2 (+32)
90828 / 186264 / 266328 / 326360 => 334,360 (-112)*

(Combination of best squeezes during session)
3/sk2 (+828), 3/ (+3436), 3/sk1 (+64), 2/sk2 (+40)
90828 / 186264 / 266328 / 326368 => 334,368 (-104)*

*points below/above 1st place on SH for 360


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