Oh How I Want To Break Free

November 4, 2009 at 2:09 am (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , )

Yes yes, I know I just did a Queen song only 10 days ago, but hey, can you fault me for wanting to catch up on some of their awesome tracks now that they’re available in game? I think not! I probably wouldn’t have even selected “I Want To Break Free” last night if I hadn’t had my song list sorted alphabetically when I started looking for something to sing. As I was scrolling down the list, I accidentally paused on “Another One Bites The Dust”, and BOOM, the urge to sing some Freddie Mercury settled in and would not be budged! While taking on “Another One Bites The Dust” was a tempting prospect, I knew it wasn’t something I should try tackling so late at night with work looming in the morning. Instead I chose “I Want To Break Free” because it’s a mellow song, mostly devoid of the vocal acrobatics that make other Queen tunes so challenging on vox. Plus, whenever I hear it, I have flashbacks to the classic music video featuring Mr. Mercury in drag as a housewife…complete with mustache! Can you say BONUS?!

It took me a whole 16 minutes to complete my first FC of “I Want To Break Free”, and I lay the blame for that squarely on a single word in a single phrase: the low-pitched “yeah” in “I’ve fallen in love yeah”. Fortunately, once I figured out how to sing the “yeah” properly, I was able to hit it consistently on every attempt that followed. During my session, I used FatsDomino64’s 2/, 2/sk1, 2/BOD path, and quickly discovered that the only opportunity to squeeze extra points came as the 1st OD activation ran out. While my first 100% run would have given me 2nd place in the ScoreHero rankings, I figured I would at least try to close the gap between myself and the 1st place-holder since I hadn’t even come close to using up the time I’d budgeted for my session.

Before another 20 minutes passed, I finished 3 additional FCs of “I Want To Break Free”, taking over the 1st place slot by 44 points with the last of them. Now, I could have stopped at that point, but my curiosity was piqued as to whether there were more points to be gained from that early squeeze. In all honesty, I probably WOULD have called it a night if the squeeze came during the path’s 2nd or 3rd activation, but hey, it didn’t! Within 10 minutes (and only 3 restarts), I managed to add another 22 points to the spread between my high score and that of my closest competitor, and decided to call it good. Woo, 1st place x2, and all in less than an hour! BTW, if you’re wondering why the numbers in my squeeze data below seem a little wonky, it’s because of the points earned during the track’s tambourine interlude between the 2nd & 3rd activations. Enjoy!

Squeezing info:
2/ (+892), 2/sk1 (+0), 2/BOD (+0)
46892 / 90892 / 152517 => 168,517 (0)*

*points below/above 1st place on SH for 360


1 Comment

  1. Roldan Navarrete said,

    1. I luff dis song :> Thank ye for doing it.
    2.Needs moar polls. :)
    3. I am NOT from Marion, Iowa. I’m from Iowa City :D

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