I Still Need You But I Don’t Want You Now

December 1, 2009 at 11:26 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , )

Was hoping to get out of work early today and maybe make it down to the Village Pourhouse for Rock Band night for the first time in a month, but a few late clients kept that from happening. Made it home around 8pm, cleaned up a little, tackled the evening’s FC (more LEGO Rock Band export tracks coming your way!) and settled in to make a dent in my stockpile of DVR’d Ugly Betty episodes. Debating now whether to stick with Betty or watch the latest Tabatha’s Salon Takeover (hey, I’m an aspiring stylist, so sue me!) and figured this would be a good time to take a short break and write about last night’s FC of “Dreaming Of You” by The Coral. Aren’t you just thrilled?!

I didn’t find “Dreaming Of You” a difficult song to FC at all, since it’s squarely in the comfort zone of my range. There were a bunch of identical 1st place scores already entered on ScoreHero when I started my session, so I assumed that was the max that could be achieved on this particular track. It didn’t take long for me to match that shared top score, but I wanted to get more familiar with the song’s lyrics and figured a few more runs couldn’t hurt. During one of these attempts, I managed a later-than-usual OD deployment on the optimal path’s 2nd activation, and while I lost 20 points on the phrase immediately following, I came out of OD with 4 points above my previous best! I then tried to replicate this squeeze while still earning the full 8k for the phrase after the activation window, without success. However, around 20 minutes after starting (and yeah, I DID continue for another 10 minutes afterwards as well), I completed another 100% run where I lost 24 points on the phrase after activation, but earned 32 points on my squeeze, giving me a net gain of 8 points! I’m starting to suspect that the lateness of OD activation is the cause for these lost points, as if the game doesn’t register the bonus multiplier as starting until after a little of the phrase pie has already been filled, making those points ineligible for doubling. An intriguing thought…I may have to go back and check some of my other FC’s with the same issue and see if there are other common factors. That is, if I can find the time!

2/BOD, 2/ (rastabot1)

Squeezing info:
3/ (+0), 3/sk3 (+32)
66000 / 114508 => 118,508 (0)*

*points below/above 1st place on SH for 360


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