I’ve Taken My Bows, And My Curtain Calls

July 15, 2010 at 10:55 pm (Rock Band) (, , , , , , , , )

Well, today’s the day! We have arrived at the end of this year-long odyssey, so I’m gonna go old school with this post and skip all the analysis & statistics that have been the hallmark of this blog for the past 6 months. I always knew that if I actually saw this thing through to the end, it would be a major accomplishment…especially if I managed to finish on time! Therefore, I felt there was no track in the Rock Band catalog more appropriate for my final selection than Queen’s “We Are The Champions”. I’ve been holding out for months to do an FC of this song, and I can hardly believe that the day has finally come!

When I started this blog, I really had no idea how much this project would affect my life. Oh sure, I knew it would be a HUGE time drain, but that’s about all that I could have predicted! The hours I’ve spent playing Rock Band 2, The Beatles: Rock Band, and Green Day: Rock Band have paid off in ways I never could have imagined! Most notably, all my gameplay practice was an enormous help when it came to preparing to perform with my band ROFL Mao at the Total Rock Total Rewards 2010 Rock Band Tournament in Atlantic City! Even though the competition ended weeks ago, I’m still a little bit in shock that we walked away with the grand prize! Aaron, Mo & Darren, you guys are awesome and I’m so proud to call you my bandmates!

While I’m really really REALLY happy that I’ve come to the end of this project, what will stick with me most is the encouragement and support I’ve received from all my readers! Much love to you all…I truly could not have done this without you! We are ALL champions, my friends!



  1. Luca said,

    Hear hear – way to stick it out, and congrats again on AC!

  2. altstrum said,

    Congrats! Your dedication and persistence should be celebrated! Quite the accomplishment, really. I remember playing with you way back when you were around day 30!

    Great job, take your bow ;p

  3. Rockband Fan said,

    Hey congrats, all that quality time playing Rockband does pay off!

    Rockband 3

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